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B2B - business to business Self-service Information Center

The B2B section is used by your business partners to access documents that are issued in relation to them, whether they are suppliers or customers.

 Here are all documents in the accounting (invoices and payments) in relation to the partner company, not just those related to online store orders. For example, the customer can view their account and list any e-invoice to him.
 The customer accesses the B2B page online to see his orders, all invoices issued, deliveries, payments, list of outstanding invoices, etc. The customer can list the invoices issued to him.
 The supplier accesses the B2B page to see orders deliveries made by him, payments to him, the list of outstanding invoices as evidenced by his client (the company that has this on-line shop).

To see how it works, login with:
email:, password: test

At Documents, choose "from date": 01-Sep-2010

 Affiliate partner access to this section is controlled by the administrator's back-office (ERP), which must issue special login credentials for each partner firm that has the right to enter B2B. These log-in data are different from those used by the ordering customer on this site and who can create their own account.

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